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Choral Conducting: Call Numbers & Locations

A guide to resources on choral music for graduate choral conducting students.

LC Classification System

Yale Music Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System.

More Call Numbers

A detailed breakdown of choral music classification:

Finding Resources

Where are my resources located?

  • Periodicals are located in several places: current issues on the main floor; some bound volumes in the basement, Room 4; many bound volumes at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF). Use Orbis to request a volume(s)
  • Reference materials are located upstairs, 2nd floor.
  • Scores and books are located in the general stacks downstairs, basement.
  • Sound recordings may be checked out at the circulation desk, 1st floor.

Not at Music Library?

Why can't I find my resources at the Music Library?

Some music resources may be located at a different Yale library or facility. These include:

  • Divinity School, Yale 
  • SML Stacks (Sterling Memorial Library)
  • LSF (Library Shelving Facility) *
* Items accessible by placing a request in Orbis.

Call Numbers

Call Numbers at Yale Music Library

      M  = Music (scores)

      ML = Literature on Music (books)

      MT = Musical Instruction (scores or books)
               Also includes music theory

Scores: Vocal Music (M)

M 1500-1518            Operas and musical

M1500                   Operas, complete, full works
M1501 Operas, concert arrangements
M1503 Operas, vocal and chorus scores with accompaniment
M1505-1508.2 Operas, excerpts

M 1530-1610             Secular choruses

M1530                            Secular oratorios, full scores
M1533 Secular oratorios, vocal and chorus scores with accompaniment
M1549 Choruses, secular, collections, mixed voices, accompaiment of 1 instrument of unaccompanied
M1552 Choruses, secular, separate works, mixed voices, accompaniment of 1 instrument or unaccompanied

M 1999-2199             Sacred vocal music

M2000                            Oratorios (sacred), full scores
M2003 Oratorios, vocal and chorus scores with accompaniment
M2062                         Choruses, sacred, collections, mixed voices, accompaniment of 1 instrument or unaccompanied
M2072 Choruses, sacred, separate works, mixed voices, accompaniment of 1 instrument or unaccompanied
M2075 Choruses, Christmas
M2076 Choruses, Easter
M2077 Choruses, Thanksgiving
M2078 Choruses, Other, A-Z

Books: Vocal Music (ML)

ML 1400-3275           Vocal Music

ML1400-           Vocal Music
ML1402- by period
ML1410 by country
ML1460 Vocal technique
ML1500 Choral music (sacred and secular)
ML1554 Kinds and forms of mixed sacred and secular

ML 1600-2881           Secular vocal music

ML1600- Secular vocal music              
ML1700- Dramatic music
ML2400 Cantatas


ML 2900-3275           Sacred vocal music

ML2900 Sacred vocal music         
ML3002-3095 Catholic  
ML3088 Mass
ML3090 Stabat mater, Te Deum, etc.
ML3100-3270 Protestant
ML3201-3251 Oratorio
ML3260 Cantata                                                                 

Musical Instruction and Study: Vocal Music (MT)

MT 820-949               Voice Instruction

MT825-850 Systems and methods                       
MT825 American methods
MT855-883 Special techniques
MT870 Sight-singing methods
MT875 Chorus and part singing
MT898-949 Techniques for children

Music Librarian for Reference and Instruction

Profile Photo
Suzanne Lovejoy
ML104, Music Library, Sterling Memorial Library
Office hours 10:00 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays
(203) 432-0497
Subjects: Music