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Drama Resources at Yale Library: Finding Monologues

A guide to online resources available through the Yale University Library for drama, theater, and the performing arts.

Monologues in Print and Online

Audition better by taking advantage of the access Yale Library provides to monologues in print and online!

A simple way to start is to search Yale Library's holdings in Quicksearch using "monologues" as a keyword, and then using subject headings within the records to find more you might like. Yale Library has many collections of monologues, in print and ebook formats, often organized by characteristics including age, gender, or race of actor, as well as type or length of monologue. Sort search results by "published latest" to see our most recent additions.

Just a few examples:

Drama Online has a monologue finder as well as a play search. Click the "Find Monologues" button and search full-text playscripts for selections by keyword, gender, and word count. 

With a little more searching, many of our online playscript collections can also be used to find text for monologues, especially if you have a particular character or playwright in mind. Browse these online collections:

New Play Exchange lets you search for plays by living playwrights according to how they identify their gender, sexuality, and race.