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Ornithology - Selected Library Resources: Call Numbers for Browsing

This guide identifies reference works, other library resources, key classic books and major Internet sites for studies on birds.

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Browsing

Library of Congress:

QL Zoology

QL 671- 699 Birds

QL 671 Journals, societies' publications, congresses, yearbooks on birds

QL 675 Birds' eggs and nests

QL 676.7 Rare and endangered species

QL 677 Classification and Nomenclature

QL 677.3 Evolution

QL 681 North American and the United States

QL 685 Canada

QL 686 Mexico

QL 690 Europe

QL 692 Africa

QL 694.5 Atlantic islands

QL 695 Arctic regions

QL 695.2 Antarctic regions

QL 696 Systematic divisions. by order and family, A-Z

QL 696 P2 Passeriformes

QL 697 Anatomy and morphology

QL 698 Phyiology

QL 698.3 Behavior

QL 698.5 Song

QL 698.7 Flight

QL 698.8 Navigation

QL 698.9 Migration

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