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Agriculture: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

resources for agriculturally-related research

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (online)

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (in print)

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America 2013 Marx Library Reference TX349 E45 2013 3 volumes

CRC Dictionary of Agricultural Sciences 2002 Marx Library S411 L39X 2002 (LC)

Dictionary of Agriculture: from Abaca to Zoonosis 1995 LSF S411 L55X 1995

Dictionary of Forestry 1998 Marx Library SD126 D535X 1998 (LC) LSF SD126 D535X 1998 (LC)

Dictionary of Plant Pathology 1998 Cambridge University Press LSF SB728 H65 1998

Elsevier's Dictionary of Forestry: in English, German, French, and Russian 2004 Marx Library SD126 D455 2004 (LC)

Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Names and Their Origin 2000 LSF QK13 E565X 2000 (LC)

Encyclopedia of Agricultural Sciene 1994 Academic Press LSF S411 E713X 1994 4 volumes

Encyclopedia of American Forest and Conservation History 1983 Marx Library SD143 E53 1983 (LC) + Oversize

Encyclopedia of Aquaculture 2000 Wiley Marx Library SH20.3 E53X2000 + Oversize

Encyclopedia of Dairy Science 2003 Academic Press Marx Library SF299 E52 2003 (LC) + Oversize

Encyclopedia of Microbiology 2000 Academic Press Marx Library QR9 E53X 2000 + Oversize 4 volumes

Encyclopedia of Reproduction 1998 Academic Press LSF QP251 E53 1998 + Oversize 4 volumes

Encyclopedia of Rural America: the land and people 2nd edition 2008 LSF E169.12 E53 2008 (LC) Oversize

Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment 2005 Elsevier/Academic Press Marx Library S592 E53 (LC) + Oversize 4 volumes

Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health 2007 Bass SF981 M47 2007 (LC) Marx Library SF981 M47 2007 (LC)

Merck Veterinary Manual 2005 LSF SF745 M47 2005 (LC)

Tropical Timbers of the World 1984 LSF S501 U53 607 1984 (LC)