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Kress Fellowship in Art Librarianship: Past Fellows and Projects

Past Fellows, Projects, and Employment

Samuel H. Kress Foundation Fellowship in Art Librarianship, Yale University (1997-2021)

  1. Lynn Underwood (1997)
    Fellowship Project: Website of art resources
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Director of Integrated Information & Management, Guggenheim Museum

Current Employment: Enterprise System Renewal-Strategic Organizational Change Management, UC San Diego

  1. Barbara Rockenbach (1998)
    Fellowship Project: Image Ethics white paper
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Instructional Services Librarian, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

Current Employment: Stephen F. Gates '68 University Librarian, Yale University

  1. Lena Zentall (1999)
    Fellowship Project: Project in Visual Resources Collection
    Post-Fellowship/Current Employment:
      Project Manager and Integrated Marketing Strategist, California Digital Library, University of California

  2. Linda D. Heslin (2000)
    Fellowship Project: Project involving Imaging America initiative
    Current Employment: Director, Art and Architecture Library, New York Institute of Technology

  3. Vanessa Kam (2000/2001)
    Fellowship Project: Published academic article and curated exhibition for Arts of the Book Collection

Post-Fellowship Employment: Associate Art Librarian and Exhibits and Publications Manager at the Stanford University Libraries
Current Employment:  Head Librarian, Bowes Art and Architecture Library, Stanford University

  1. Laura Tatum (2002/2003) (deceased)
    Fellowship Project: Project in Manuscripts & Archives, Sterling Memorial Library
    Employment: Former Associate Director for Collections, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

  2. Jennifer Brannock (2003/2004)
    Fellowship Project: “Digital Library” project: online database of bookplates by Thomas Bewick
    Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana, University of Southern Mississippi

  3. Jonathan Lill (2004/2005)
    Fellowship Project: Created an index to artists’ books for the Arts Library Special Collections
    Post-Fellowship EmploymentProject Archivist, NYU

Current Employment: Project Archivist, Museum of Modern Art, New York

  1. Meghan Musoloff (2005/2006)
    Fellowship Project: Finding aids for architectural photographs
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Assistant Coordinator of the Visual Resource Collection in the History of Art Department at University of Michigan

Current Employment: Program Manager for Library IT Services, Training, and Assessment, University of Michigan Library

  1. Ian McDermott (2007/2008)
    Fellowship Project: Visual Literacy Exercise for Undergraduate Students
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Assistant Librarian, Yale Center for British Art Research Library

Current Employment: Instruction Librarian, LaGuardia Community College Library

  1. Jesse Vestermark (2008/2009)
    Fellowship Project: Online guide for Skowhegan lecture series housed in Arts Library Special Collections
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Librarian, Arts, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture Library at the University of Minnesota

Current Employment: Architecture and Environmental Design Librarian, California Polytechnic State University

  1. Mia D’Avanza (2009/2010)
    Fellowship Project: Processed the Richard Minsky Archive for Arts Library Special Collections
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Program Assistant, University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum

Current Employment: Head of Circulation at The New York Society Library

  1. Molly Dotson (2010/2011)
    Fellowship Project: Conversion of all paper finding aids to EAD in Arts Special Collections.
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Bookplate Project Archivist, Arts Library Special Collections, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

Current Employment: Assistant Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Yale Center for British Art

  1. Margaret Smithglass (2011/2012)
    Fellowship Project: Online research guide for all undergraduate & graduate architecture programs
    Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Built Works Registry Librarian

Current Employment: Registrar & Digital Content Librarian, Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library

  1. Adam N. Hess (2012/2013)
    Fellowship Project: Online guide for E-Books in the Visual Arts
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Digital Asset Manager, Guggenheim Museum

Current Employment: Interim Associate Dean, Landman Library, Arcadia University

  1. Lyndsay Bratton (2013/2014)
    Fellowship Project: Processing and cataloging of the Winterhouse Design Collection gift books
    Post-Fellowship Employment:  Digital Scholarship and Visual Resources Librarian, Connecticut College

Current Employment: Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship, Connecticut College

  1. Patricia Guardiola (2014/2015)
    Fellowship Project:  Online research guide for arts research in Yale’s international collections
    Post-Fellowship Employment: Reference & Instruction Librarian, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

    Current Employment: Director, Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

  2. Alexandra Provo (2015/2016) 
    Fellowship Project: Book Arts Ephemera Collection User Research and Processing; British Artists’ Books Collection Development
    Post-Fellowship Employment:  Project Manager, Drawings of the Florentine Painters, Harvard University
    Current Employment: Metadata Librarian, Knowledge Access and Resource Management Services, NYU Libraries

  1. Meredith Hale (2016/17)
    Fellowship Project: Collection Assessment Visualization; Photo Archive: User Expectations & Data Preparation; Emma Joy Dana Collection of Artuš Scheiner
    Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Metadata Librarian, University of Tennessee Libraries

  1. Andrew Wang (2017/18)
    Fellowship Project: Visual Resources User Study, Visual Indexes, and Omeka online exhibit
    Post-Fellowship: Instructional Design Librarian, Ringling College of Art and Design
    Current Employment: Art and Architecture Librarian, University of Oregon

  1. Alexandra O’Keefe (2018/19)

Fellowship Project: Ensemble@Yale: Outreach, Programming, and Data
Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Research and Instruction Librarian, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, John M. Flaxman Library

  1. Allison Comrie (2019/20)

Fellowship Project: Yale School of Art Studio Consultation Program
Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Librarian, Alberta University of the Arts

  1. K. Sarah Ostrach (2020/21)

Fellowship Project: Type Specimens Collection Assessment and Access Recommendations
Post-Fellowship/Current Employment: Digital Asset Librarian, Hoover Institution Library & Archives, Stanford University

  1. Hilary Wang (2021/22)