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Russia and the USSR: Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Reference Sources

Call Numbers

BX485--BX490 - History of the Russian Orthodox Church, 980-1720 (Patriarchate of Moscow)

DK70--DK112 - Russian history, Early to 1613 (Romanov Dynasty)

GR202--GR203.4 - Russian folklore

GT1042--GT1042 - Ancient and Medieval Russian dress

KLA122--KLA125.R87 - Russian law, ancient to late medieval period (Muscovy)

PG2991-PG3005.5 - Russian literature, early through 1700

Z6605.S6-Z6605.SS62 - Russian and Church Slavic manuscripts


Subject Headings

Kievan Rus--History--862-1237

Kievan Rus--History--Mongol Invasion, 1237-1241



Russia--History--Time of Troubles, 1598-1613

Russian literature--To 1700

Manuscripts, Church Slavic

Manuscripts, Church Slavic--Facsimiles

Early printed books--Russia