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Russia and the USSR: Imperial Era

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Call Numbers

DK122.5-DK264.8 - History of Russia, House of Romanov, 1613-1917

GT1045-GT1048 - Russian costume, dress, and fashion, 17-20th centuries

HJ1206-HJ1207 - Public finance in Russia, 1801-1917

HJ2801 - Taxation in Russia, to 1917

KLA130-KLA248 - Russian law, late medieval and imperial periods (to 1917)

N6986-N6988 - Russian art, 17th-20th century

PG3311.C3-PG3320.A1P54 - Russian literature, 18th century

PG3320.A1P87-PG3476.A2 - Russian literature, 1800-1917

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Russia--History--Streltsy Revolt, 1698

Russia--History--Rebellion of Pugachev, 1773-1775.

Russia--History--December Uprising, 1825-

Russia--History--Revolution, 1905-1907

Russia--History--18th century

Russia--History--19th century

Russian literature--18th century

Russian literature--19th century

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