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Russia and the USSR: Soviet Era

Reference Sources

Call Numbers

DK265.A2-DK268.4 - Russian Revolution, 1917-1921

DK268.5-DK293 - Soviet Regime, 1918-1991

GT1048 - Russian costume, dress, fashion, 20th century

HJ1208 - Public finance in Russia, 1917-1991

HJ2802 - Taxation in Russia, 1917-1991

KLA2101-KLA2114 - Russian law, ca. mid-19th century to Soviet Constitution (1918)

PG3476.A248-PG3490 - Russian literature, 1917-2000

Subject Headings

Russia--History--Revolution, 1917-1921

Soviet Union--History--1917-1936

Soviet Union--History--1925-1953

Soviet Union--History--1939-1945

Soviet Union--History--1953-1985

Soviet Union--History--1985-1991

Soviet Union--History--February Revolution, 1917

Soviet Union--History--Allied intervention, 1918-1920

Soviet Union--History--German occupation, 1941-1944

Soviet Union--History--Attempted coup, 1991

Soviet Union--History--Autonomy and independence movements

Soviet Union--Intellectual life--1917-1970

Soviet Union--Literatures

Russian literature--20th century

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