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Archives at Yale: Staff Training: Understanding "Publish All"

Using the new public user interface for Yale Special Collections

"Publish All" 101

Despite claiming to publish it all, the "Publish All" button does not actually publish *all* metadata input in the staff interface. A significant number of metadata fields and records exist for collection management purposes only and will never be displayed to the public. The tables below summarize which fields get published when you hit "Publish All", and which do not.

Published with "Publish All"

Parent record (collection) + all child records (series, subseries, files, items)

Notes fields at all levels of description

Drop-down menu for notes fields in ArchivesSpace

Top Container contents (displayed in Container Inventory + Physical Storage Information)
External documents
All subjects linked to the published record


Not published with "Publish All"

Agent records (new agents must be manually published, and linked to the archival record)
Event records
Repository Processing Note field
Rights Statements fields
Collection Management fields
Related Accessions links
All user-defined fields (exception: the Voyager BibID field, which is displayed as an Orbis link thanks to a local plug-in)
Digital Objects records + Preservica metadata [pending further development...]
Any new child records, notes, external documents added after the initial publishing (assuming your default settings are to not publish, as recommended)


Internal Notes Options

If you need to record internal information for collection management purposes, you may use the following options that will not be displayed to the public:

1. Archival objects at any level of description > Basic information > Repository processing note 

ArchivesSpace Repository Processing Note


2. Archival objects at any level of description > Top bar Add event > Outcome note 

ArchivesSpace Outcome Note


3. At collection level > Collection management > fields like Processing plan

ArchivesSpace Collection Management section and Processing Plan field