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Native American Cultural Center - A Research Guide: Cite Your Work!

Why Cite?

It is important to cite your sources in order to:

  1. Show your reader that you have done your research
  2. Give credit to authors included in your argument
  3. Avoid plagiarism
  4. Provide your readers with a way to locate sources

Citations should be formatted according to the specific citation style, determined by your academic discipline or your professor. All citations include the same basic information: author, article title, source title, volume and issue, publication date, and page number(s).

Use Purdue OWL as a guide both for formatting your papers as well as for double-checking the format of your citations.

What is a Citation Manager?

A citation manager will help you keep track of resources (books, articles, images -- anything!) and will also help you make a bibliography in any citation format. Citation managers will keep you organized and can save you a lot of time.

There are a few citation managers to choose from, including: 

Citation Style Guides