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Resources on Women at Yale : Women on Yale's Faculty

Contains annotated references to archival resources on women students, faculty, and other members of the Yale community.

RU173: Office of Institutional Research, Yale University, Records and Reports

This collection consists of the records of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR), an office at Yale University tasked with conducting research on various aspects of Yale's operations, personnel, etc. The OIR has undertaken various studies on the number, professional level, and retention of women faculty at Yale, some of which are available to view.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU173, Accn. 1980-A-014, Box 1, folder 14 (1972)

-RU173, Accn. 1984-A-022, Box 1, folders 1-3 (1980)


RU52: Secretary's Office, Yale University, Records

Collection contains records from the Office of the Secretary of Yale University. Certain folders contain materials related to the status of women faculty at Yale, especially around the time of coeducation for Yale College.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU52, Accn. 1977-A-008, Box 24, folder 508 (1972)

-RU52, Accn. 1980-A-013, Box 20, folder 431 (1972-1979)

-RU52, Accn. 1977-A-008, Box 20, folder 426 (1971-1972)

RU19: Reuben A. Holden, Secretary of Yale University, Records

Collection contains the records of Reuben A. Holden during his tenure as Secretary of Yale University. Holden helped oversee the coeducation of Yale College, and his records contain a number of interesting materials related to women faculty at Yale during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU19, Series II, Box 58, folders 387 and 388 (1965-1971)

RU1058: Women Faculty Forum, Yale University, Records (2006)

The materials consist of posters created during a campus-wide poster session "Scholarship by Women/Research on Gender," hosted by the Yale Women Faculty Forum, November 7-9, 2006.

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RU126: Yale College, Records of the Dean

Collection consists of records from the Office of the Dean of Yale College. Among the files are papers related to women faculty at Yale from the early to mid-1970s.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU126, Accn. 1983-A-051, Box 18, folder 245 (1972-1975)

-RU126, Accn. 1983-A-051, Box 38, folder 256 (1973-1974)

-RU126, Accn. 1983-A-051, Box 55, folder 245 (1974-1975)