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U.S. Federal Government - Legislative Information: Laws

Slip laws

Laws are called "slip laws" when they are first published.

Statutes at Large

At the end of each session of Congress, slip laws are compiled into volumes called the Statutes at Large, and are known as "session laws." The Statutes at Large present a chronological arrangement of the laws in the exact order that they have been enacted.

U.S. Code

Every six years, laws get published in the U.S. Code, which is a subject arrangement of the law.

  • U.S. Code, 1994-present (Government Printing Office)

More information about finding laws

Have the popular name of a law but not its citation (e.g., Public Law number, Statutes at Large citation, U.S. Code citation)? Start here:

Want more information on the publication of laws?

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