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Welcome to the research guide for Early Christianity and Patristics

Here you will find resources to aid your research for the period covering the New Testament period to approximately 750 C.E.  This guide is divided into five resource categories, listed in the tabs above:

  1. General Reference Works:  Comprehensive reference works on Christianity for finding out basic information about a person or topic.
  2. Specialized Reference Works:  More in-depth reference books on patristics  for further research.
  3. Primary Texts: How to find primary texts of patristic authors, both in the original languages and in English translation.
  4. Databases:  Online databases for journal articles, chapters in books, and other materials on patristics.
  5. Journals:  Scholarly journals that publish articles and book reviews on patristics.
  6. Websites and Blogs:  Resources for full text of patristic writings and blogs about new publications and resources.

The Yale Divinity Library would like to thank Juliet Crawford Schwab, a library science student at Syracuse University, who contributed much of the content of this libguide. 

This is a work in progress.  Please feel free to send us your questions, comments or suggestions!

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