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ENGL 115 Their Eyes Were Watching God: African American Literature and the Bible: Find Journal Articles

Find Articles

What is an ARTICLE?

An article is a piece of writing found within a serial, or periodical. Most of us are most familiar with these as magazines, but they also encompass journals and newspapers. For academic research, articles are used for up-to-date evidence and information, whereas a book will be useful for a larger overview of a topic.

What is a SCHOLARLY article?

Scholarly journals are also referred to as "academic" journals, "peer-reviewed", or "referred" journals. The term "scholarly" indicates that the author has submitted their article to other scholars in their field for review and comment. The article reviewers must agree that the article represents information based on properly conducted original research before it can be published. This is the peer review process (briefly!).

Where can I FIND articles?

Key databases:

General Databases

If you're just getting started with your research, start general by using either a broad database or by using a database that can provide background information or newspaper content. Three examples of such resources are listed below. Try them!