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ENGL 115 Their Eyes Were Watching God: African American Literature and the Bible: Cite Your Work!

Why Cite?

It is important to cite your sources in order to:

  1. Show your reader that you have done your research
  2. Give credit to authors included in your argument
  3. Avoid plagiarism
  4. Provide your readers with a way to locate sources

Citations should be formatted according to the specific citation style, determined by your academic discipline or your professor. All citations include the same basic information: author, article title, source title, volume and issue, publication date, and page number(s).

Use a style guide to format your papers and citations. For quick reference, consider using Purdue OWL as a guide both for formatting your papers as well as checking the format of your citations.

In the field of literature, the standard citation style is the MLA (Modern Language Association) Style. You will want to consult it to find the proper format for citing your sources. A link to the library's copy can be found in the box to the right, and here is a link to the MLA's online resource center:

Citation Style Guides