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Free ILL Lending for Connecticut Libraries

In the summer of 2015, the Yale University Library and the Yale Law Library began a pilot program offering free Inter Library Loan (ILL) lending to all non-profit Connecticut libraries to assist during the transition from the reQuest ILL system to the new state union catalog and consortial borrowing/lending platform.

The libraries are pleased to announce that this free ILL Lending program will now become permanent.

Connecticut non-profit libraries who make their requests using OCLC (OCLC symbol YUS) will be filled for free.

ILL Lending loan requests to The Lillian Goldman Law Library (OCLC symbol GXR) or the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library (OCLC code YUM) will be filled for free for Connecticut public libraries, and Connecticut public college/university libraries.

For materials held in the Yale University Library, Connecticut libraries who do not use OCLC/WorldShare ILL should use this web form to submit their loan requests- first-time requesters should email in order to obtain a username and password for the system. For materials held at the Lillian Goldman Law Library, please contact them directly at

ILL requests can be returned via the DeliverIT service. Yale Library is DeliverIT route J-125.