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Medical Education Services: Educational Scholarship

Resources and services to enhance teaching and learning in biomedicine at Yale


Most databases have an option to save a literature search and have new results delivered to you via email at intervals of your choosing.  Ask your librarian for advice on setting up auto-alerts or other methods to keep current on a topic of interest.

Consultation Services

Contact Judy Spak if you would like to set up a consultation to search the medical education literature efficiently and effectively.

Consider these terms when searching the medical education literature

Each database employs a different algorithm to search. Some databases use a controlled vocabulary (e.g., MeSH - medical subject headings) while others utilize textwords.  Below are some general terms to consider when beginning your literature searches.  Often, you will need to use a combination of controlled vocabulary and textword searching to conduct a thorough search of the literature. For assistance in searching the education literature effectively, contact Judy Spak.

  • medical education
    •  undergraduate medical education
    •  graduate medical education
    •  continuing medical education
    •  internship and residency

  • medical student
  • intern
  • resident
  • PGY1, PGY2, etc.

  • curriculum
  • teaching
  • faculty

  • problem based learning or problem-based learning or PBL
  • team based learning or team-based learning or TBL
  • interprofessional learning or interprofessional relations
  • clinical competence
  • small group learning or small-group learning
  • case based learning or case-based learning

  • patient simulation
  • computer assisted instruction or computer-assisted instruction
  • educational technology

  • educational measurement
  • program evaluation

Selected Databases

Featured Resources

These sites include searchable databases of image files, assessments and simulations for download and use in teaching. The teaching materials listed are peer-reviewed and some also contain user ratings.

**Consider these outlets when choosing a place to publish your educational output.**

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