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Biomedical Education Resources and Software: Home

The Medical Library makes available a variety of educational software for student and faculty use. Some products are integrated into the formal curriculum, while others are available for exploration and self-study.

Curriculum Portals

Specialty Clinical Educational Resources

All of the Access portals provide case-based practice scenarios, multi-media resources, as well as discipline-specific self-assessment exercises. Links to major textbooks in the field are also included.

New England Journal of Medicine Resources

MedLantis (Radiology)

MedLantis provides hundreds of hours of video lectures, plus a wealth of content from Thieme eRadiology and Thieme RadCases: more than 43,000 ebook pages, almost 86,000 images, and over 2,700 case studies.

Popular Educational Software

Additional Educational Software

These products are provided by the Medical Library as supplemental resources available for self-study.