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Oral History of American Music Collections Guide: Aaron Copland Oral History

OHVI: Aaron Copland Oral History

The Aaron Copland Oral History comprises approximately 75 interviews with colleagues, friends, and family of Aaron Copland (note: for interviews with Copland himself, see the Major Figures in American Music collection). OHAM founder Vivian Perlis first became friends with Copland while working on the Charles Ives Oral History. Copland later wrote the preface for her book, Charles Ives Remembered. As the Ives project finished, Perlis focused on Copland as her new subject. From 1975 to 1976, she conducted many hours of interviews with Copland and those closest to him. Finally, in 1984 and 1989, their efforts culminated in the autobiographies, Copland: 1900 through 1942 and Copland: Since 1943, co-authored by Perlis.


Collection Listing

Baker, Carol
Bean, Betty
Berger, Arthur
Bernier, Rose
Bernstein, Leonard
Bowles, Paul
Burkat, Leonard
Clurman, Harold
Conroy, William
Copland, Aaron
Copland, Irving
Copland, Milton
Curtin, Phyllis
Lederman Daniel, Minna
Davidovsky, Mario
Del Tredici, David
Mille, Agnes De
Denby, Edwin
Diamond, David
Drieblatt, Martha
Druckman, Jacob
Duke, John
Engel, Lehman
Feld, Eliot
Fine, Verna
Fizdale, Robert
Foss, Lukas
Franchetti, Arnold
Friedman, Madeleine
Furman, Selma
Garfein, Jack
Ginastera, Alberto
Goldstein, Sylvia
Gould, Morton
Haieff, Alexei
Hawkins, Erick
Heinsheimer, Hans
Johns, Erik
Kober, John
Kraut, Harry
Lang, Pearl
Lescaze, Mary
Lewis, Bobby
de Manziarly, Marcelle
Marlin, Felice
Mittenthal, Arnold
Moor, Paul
Moross, Jerome
O'Donnell, May
Orbon, Julian
Palmer, Robert
Perry, Tod
Pope, Stuart
Ramey, Phillip
Robbins, Jerome
Rorem, Ned
Schuman, William
Shanet, Howard
Shapero, Harold
Siegmeister, Eli
Smit, Leo
Sykes, Gerald
Thomson, Virgil
Uris, Harold
Walker, David
Warfield, William