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Preservation Services at Yale University Library: Commercial Binding

How Do I Send Books for Binding?

  1. Collect volumes to be bound/boxes/reviewed and place in a Library delivery tote/crate; use paper or bubble wrap to pad out the tote if needed. Totes/ crates can be ordered from staff in Library Collections Services (e.g. Eli Express, LSF).
  2. Place a large, printed note inside the box that says "To: Preservation Department 344 Winchester." Do not use tape to tape the note to the books. If you use a tote with a lid, please tape the note to the lid of the tote
  3. Arrange for the tote/crate to be delivered to the Preservation Department through Library Collections Services (e.g. Eli Express, LSF).

Commercial Binding

Binding is a process during which periodicals and books are bound in durable covers.  Serials and monographs are bound to conform with Book Manufacturers' Institute standards and uses sturdy coated cloth covers with acid free boards and end papers, and acid free pamphlet binders.  Only materials that are strong enough to withstand binding and have no artifactual or intrinsic value are sent to the commercial binder.  Please see our binding policy (above) for more information.

The books sent out for binding come from various departments, libraries, and collections around the campus.  The turn-around time for HF Group Acme Binding is generally several months, but rush books can be returned in a couple of weeks. If you have an item that needs to be bound quickly, put a RUSH red flag in the item and send it to Preservation Services.