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Preservation Services at Yale University Library: IPM

Online IPM Resources

What Is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

It is a method of pest control, adapted from the agricultural industry, where investigative and preventive techniques are used, keeping pesticide use to a minimum.  It stresses inspection of the physical space to eliminate food sources and attractants for pests.  In addition, regular monitoring is done of the physical spaces.  If insects or rodents are found, steps are taken to eliminate and control the pests.  These steps may include such actions as eliminating pest entryways such as holes or gaps in the building, more frequent emptying of trashcans, or changing where and how garbage is disposed.  Chemicals and pesticides will be used as a last resort in the elimination of pests.  When chemicals and pesticides are necessary to control pests, they will have been approved by OEHS and staff in areas where the pesticides will be used will get advance notice. 

To report a pest problem, please call your Building Operations Manager or Customer Service at 432-6888. 

If you have a suspected infestation of collections or collections space, please contact the Preservation Services Librarian, Tara Kennedy.