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Suzanne Lovejoy

Music Librarian for Access and Research Services
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Suzanne Lovejoy
ML104, Music Library, Sterling Memorial Library
Office hours 10:00 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays
(203) 432-0497
I am a specialist in resources for music research and performance, as well as the Music Library's special collections (archives, manuscripts, and rare editions). I have a broad knowledge of the Yale University Library and its collections.

My Guides

Chamber Music
Last update: Oct 8, 2020 31 views
Choral Conducting
Last update: Sep 23, 2021 190 views
Electronic Dance Music
Last update: Dec 19, 2019 99 views
Last update: Sep 29, 2021 470 views
Last update: Apr 5, 2022 74 views
Last update: Oct 4, 2021 85 views
Last update: Jun 23, 2022 887 views
Last update: Mar 29, 2021 28 views
Last update: May 18, 2022 1319 views
Last update: Dec 22, 2021 3 views
Last update: Nov 12, 2021 452 views
Popular Music
Last update: Mar 22, 2021 891 views
YYGS Music and Power
Last update: Jun 28, 2022 491 views

My Subject Specialties