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Research Data Management for the Health Sciences: Find Health Data

Research data is becoming increasingly important. This Medical Library guide will introduce you to research data management skills, and connect you to relevant services and resources across the Yale Campus.

Finding Data

As you look for data sets, be sure to check the following resources:

Find a Data Repository

Use the tools below to find an appropriate repository for your research data. logo


How to choose which repository? Visit this page for more info!

Access Data

  • Yale Open Data Access Project (YODA): the YODA Project makes available clinical research data generated by Johnson & Johnson and SI-BONE, Inc for further research 
  • - a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world
  • OpenTrials (beta) - OpenTrials is building a collaborative and open linked database for all available structured data and documents on all clinical trials, threaded together by individual trial
  • Pharmaprojects: Pharmaprojects lets researchers track the progress of drugs from bench to patient by exploring drug development by global and country development status, and therapeutic class status
  • Yale Open Data Access Project (YODA): the YODA Project makes available clinical research data generated by Johnson & Johnson and SI-BONE, Inc for further research 
  • TOXNET:  a resource for searching databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases
  • HSBD: a toxicology database that focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals
  • TOXMAP: helps users visually explore data primarily from the EPA's Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and Superfund Programs
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Data Journals

  • Data in Brief: provides a way for researchers to easily share and reuse each other's datasets by publishing data articles
  • GigaSciencepublishes all research objects from big data studies across the entire spectrum of life and biomedical sciences
  • Journal of Open Psychology Data: features peer reviewed data papers describing psychology datasets with high reuse potential 
  • Open Health Data: features peer-reviewed data papers describing health datasets with high reuse potential 
  • Scientific Data: a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, and research that advances the sharing and reuse of scientific data