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Systematic Reviews and Other Comprehensive Searching: Search Services

The aim of this guide is to facilitate collaboration between Cushing/Whitney Medical Librarians and Yale researchers on evidence synthesis projects, and to support project completion and publication

For help with Systematic Reviews

You can request to meet with a librarian to learn more about Systematic Reviews and the service models the library provides by filling out the Literature Search Request Form or by contacting your department's librarian

Comprehensive Search Services

CWML librarians support students and researchers conducting literature reviews, systematic reviews, comparative effectiveness reviews, and meta-analyses.  All services are free and range from basic, including consultations and training, to advanced, which include a high level of involvement. Please check our Levels of Service document for more information.

Our Service

CWML librarians are available to assist with systematic reviews.

The librarian, as full partner and co-author, is committed to collaborating and supporting the following Systematic Review tasks:

  • Determining if a systematic review has already been done on a topic.
  • Translating the research question into an appropriate search strategy.
  • Translating the search concepts into controlled vocabulary and keywords so that both precision and recall are maximized.
  • Choosing specific databases and other information sources to be searched.
  • Conducting the literature searches across all the information sources chosen.
  • Maintaining records of search results and following up with alerts and updates as needed
  • Providing a Covidence account to assist with screening and managing steps in the systematic review process
  • Helping to obtain all required articles cited in search results and other venues.
  • Providing guidance and support regarding bibliographic management tools, such as EndNote or RefWorks, to manage citations and easily produce bibliographies.
  • Writing the literature search methodology section for the submitted manuscript.
  • Consulting on review type and appropriate methodology.
  • Assisting with PRISMA flow charts and providing documentation of searches to increase reproducibility.

Preparing for Systematic Review Consultation

To help us fully understand the scope of your review, we would ask that you and your team/supervisor work through the questions on the following checklist and bring this document with you to your first meeting with a librarian.



Co-authorship makes the librarian a visible member of your review team. This can convey credibility and rigor to grant-awarding bodies and journal editors scrutinizing your search methodology and results. It also removes a burden of work from the other members of the team.