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Exhibitions in Sterling Memorial Library: What's happening now


Celebrating Yale History in Manuscripts and Archives

June 25 through October 19, 2018

Curator: Yale University Library’s Manuscript and Archives Department


Immerse yourself in Yale’s more than 300-year history through this exhibit of documents and artifacts from Yale University Library’s Manuscript and Archives Department. The exhibit is organized around themes of student life, places and programs, Yale and the world, and Yale events. The extensive holdings of Manuscripts and Archives encompass the University’s archives, Yale publications, and many other collections, with items ranging from the minutes of a 1701 meeting of seven founding ministers of the Collegiate School (renamed Yale College in 1718) to contemporary images, email files, and other “born-digital” materials.


Taking up the Slingshot: Posters from the First Palestinian Intifada (1987–1993)

May 10 - October 12, 2018

Curator: Christopher Malley, Yale College ’18


On December 8, 1987, an Israeli truck collided with four Palestinians waiting to re-enter the Jabalia refugee camp as they returned from work in Israel. Their deaths ignited the First Intifada (1987–1993), a grassroots uprising against the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. Ordinary Palestinians led demonstrations, went on strike, and boycotted Israeli goods. Young people equipped only with stones and slingshots confronted heavily armed Israeli soldiers.

This exhibition presents political posters and photographs drawn chiefly from the Palestinian Liberation Movement Collection (MS 1701) in Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library. On display here for the first time, they reflect the organization’s political stances and indicate many of the symbolic and everyday strategies of the First Intifada.

The exhibition is curated by Christopher Malley, Yale College ’18, and is based upon his senior essay in history, “Posters, Leaflets, and Stones: A Cultural History of the First Intifada.”

Upcoming in 2018

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