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YUL Work/Life Committee: Committee Charge

The Work/Life Committee is charged with informing and advising on work/life issues in YUL—particularly related to childcare and eldercare.

Committee Charge

The Work/Life Committee is charged with enriching the lives of staff to foster healthy and productive working environments. At part of its charge, the committee:

  • recommends policies, programs and services to improve the working lives of staff.
  • coordinates programming for YUL staff in conjunction with other relevant campus units and groups.
  • maintains awareness of work/life services at Yale, including monitoring and identifying changes and new initiatives relevant to staff.
  • ensures that library staff are made aware of new or changing Yale initiatives, program opportunities, and services that may affect them.
  • gathers information from YUL staff about needs, opportunities, and satisfaction.
  • supports YUL administration’s advocacy within the broader Yale discussions of work/life issues, as it works to create long-term relationships and opportunities for communication with other relevant groups across the university.

Committee Members

Six to ten members will serve staggered two-year terms, appointed by the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services. The chair will be appointed by the AUL for Administrative Services from among members who have served a year.

FY 2020 membership is: