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Basic Science Resources and Collections: Databases / Tools

A collection of basic science resources of interest to researchers and students.

Databases and Other Tools

REGISTER TO Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) an online software for the analysis of omics data. It is supported by a manually-curated knowledge base obtained from the peer-reviewed biomedical literature, public and private databases. With IPA you can identify relevant biomarkers, contextualize metabolomics, proteomics, toxicogenomics, and transcriptomics data, and perform network analysis among others. Login to IPA (once you are registered)

REGISTER TO ACCESS MetaCore (Thomson Reuters) MetaCore is an online software based on manually-curated knowledgebase of transcription factors, receptor/ligands, kinase, drugs from the biomedical literature. MetaCore can be used for the functional analysis of the NextGen sequence data, CNV, microarray, proteomics, metabolic, SAGE, proteomics, siRNA, microRNA, and screening data. Login to MetaCore (once you are registered)

BIOBASE Knowledge Library ( TRANSFAC ) The BIOBASE Knowledge Library™ (BKL), an expanded version of the Proteome Bioknowledge Database, is a collection of gene-regulation and protein oriented scientific databases created from the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The TRANSFAC®, and PROTEOME™ products are included in BIOBASE.

The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) contains comprehensive data on published human inherited disease mutations. The online interface enables quick look up of individual mutations and well as advanced search applications for identifying all published mutations known to be associated with a particular gene or disease, that disrupt a splice donor or acceptor site, result in a specific amino acid change and much more. Off-campus connection requires VPN  

SciFinder Scholar is the interface to the following databases: Chemical Abstracts, CASReact, Registry, CHEMCATS, and Medline. The SciFinder Scholar interface allows users to search these databases using a chemical structure, chemical reaction, research topic, and author information. Registration is required to use this database.

SCOPUS is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

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Yale Research Accelerator

 The YCCI Research Accelerator is designed to facilitate scientific collaboration and resource sharing throughout Yale and beyond. Researchers can share and discuss data, reagents, human samples, laboratory protocols, validated antibodies, cell lines, research projects and more.  The Accelerator can be modified to work with researchers in professional organizations as well.   Check it out!

Biomedical Sciences Research Support

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