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A Guide of Online and Library Resources to Help You De-Stress

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Animal Cam, Bomomo, IntoTime, WeaveSilk, The Free Mindfulness Project, The Quiet Place, Useless Web, Charlotte's Web Library

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Charlotte's Web Library

Useless Web

Coloring and Art

Jigsaw Explorer

The Quiet Place

Music Recommendation


Boost your mood and enhance your energy with the help of light therapy! CWML's HappyLight can be checked out at the circulation desk and is available for loan for up to four hours.

Soothing Sounds


Try some Guided Meditation Techniques with Headspace: Headspace - YouTube

The Free Mindfulness Project

Events At the Library

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Campus Yoga & Meditation

For more information about the program, please reach out to Lisa Ho, Mental Health & Wellness Manager via email at or to Sundari Birdsall, Student Wellness Counselor, via email at

Library Rooms

Photo of Wellness room at Yale medical library

Medical Library Wellness Room

Located in the Morse Reading Room, Room 113B

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Wellness Room is a space for all to enjoy a quiet moment away from work and study environments. 

The Wellness Room is located in the Morse Reading Room. The room features a soft chair, clean rugs, and a large window with beautiful light. Please be respectful of this space and keep it a relaxing and clean room for all.

Zen Booths

Located on the E-Level in the study space near the Technology Support Service Center, these free-standing modular privacy booths offer a soundproof space for visitors to take phone calls, have meetings, or focus on tasks in complete silence. The booths are equipped with an adjustable desk, power outlets, and dimmable lights. Additionally, a high-powered fan cycles fresh air into the booth every minute.