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Geotrip: A Guide: Map Holdings FAQ

Field guides, maps, and GIS data for researchers, students, and interested academics who do geologic field work.

Table of Contents

> Introduction

Field Guides
> Field Guide Discovery
> eField Guides
> Field Guides from Springer

Map Holdings FAQ
> Finding Maps in Orbis
> Geospatial Data
> Extent of Holdings

Digital Maps 101
> Q&A
> GIS Data: New England
> National & International Resources

Printing and Other Services
> Interactive Technologies
> Printing

Dive Into GIS

How Do I Find Map Content in Orbis?

If you experience any difficulties when searching for maps, please contact a librarian for assistance.

  1. Go to Quicksearch Books+:
  2. Enter in a keyword. In the picture below, I chose New Zealand.
  3. Under the refinements, select "Maps & GIS."
  4. You can narrow down by map location or by online/print.

Is there a short list of the types of maps held in the Yale libraries?

The Yale University Library has many collections of maps. All maps need to be viewed by appointment.

The largest map collections on campus include:

  • Rare maps, atlases, and other map-like materials are included in the Beinecke's collections.
  • Maps held at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) that can be delivered to libraries on campus for viewing. Depending on the access controls, the maps need to come to CSSSI or to Manuscripts & Archives for viewing.
  • Non-rare maps are held at CSSSI in the lower level's Map Room. The new location is still under construction, so please be patient in Fall 2017 while we set our services up. Questions can be directed at Kevin Merriman (

Other maps, atlases, and geospatial data are distributed around the Yale libraries. Several centers, including the Yale Center for Earth Observation, store remote sensing and geospatial data.

If you would like to identify geospatial data held within the Yale University Library, please contact a librarian for assistance.

Science Research Support Librarian

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Kayleigh Bohemier
Center for Science & Social Science Information (CSSSI)
Office C41
219 Prospect Street
Concourse Level
Kline Biology Tower