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Geotrip: A Guide for People Doing Field Work in the Geosciences: Field Guides

Field guides, maps, and GIS data for researchers, students, and interested academics who do geologic field work.

Major Collections of Electronic Field Guides

New Field Guides from Springer

Note: This is an RSS feed for Spring ebooks that are classed as "field guides" or guidebooks in the geosciences. Sometimes, the resulting books aren't field guides, but many will be.

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Field Guide Search Tips

A major source of field guides is dissertations, primarily from the United States, but also from elsewhere.

These guidebooks can be found in the catalog, Articles+, or ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global by using the following in the basic search box:

("field guide" OR guidebook) AND keyword

and you can filter to subjects using the filters on the left-hand side. Alternatively, if you have a subject in mind, feel free to use the Advanced Search so you can include both subject limits and the general keyword search above.

("field guide" OR guidebook) AND uplift

is one example of a search I might do. The results in Articles+ look like this. Note that the search is limited to Dissertation/Thesis (and I got here through the main search bar on the library homepage, after which I clicked on the Dissertations area), and I have selected the subject limit geology & geophysics. You can pick multiple subject limits.

A search for field guides or guidebooks and uplift. This search is in Articles+ and it is a visual representation of the example. You can also click on the link in the line immediately below the image to examine the results on your own.

You can click here to see the search for field guides and guidebooks that mention uplift.

Articles+ will show dissertations from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global, in addition to other locations like institutional repositories, which serve as dissertation deposit locations at some institutions.

To find field guides in the catalog, use this basic search:

("field guide" OR guidebook) AND keyword

or just do a search for ("field guide" OR guidebook) on its own. In this example, we are looking up guidebooks about dinosaurs.

("field guide" OR guidebook) AND dinosaurs

Some of the items in the search results for dinosaur-related field guides are not about specific places and are not technically guidebooks to a specific area; they are using field guide in a generic sense. However, in the results, there are a few guides, including:

These works are often produced by a regional or national geological society as part of an enrichment event for attendees at a meeting, and the guidebooks are then published.

On some records in these results, there are keywords like Geology > Guidebooks or Dinosaur tracks > Colorado > Guidebooks. Not all guidebooks/field guides have this subject code attached to them, but most do — so you can use this to search.

Now, what happens if you click on the hyperlinked subjects in an item record? You are taken to the results within the subject hierarchy, which means that you are only looking at things within, for example, Geology > Guidebooks, not Guidebooks in general. To view anything that has the subject Guidebooks at any position (as a top-level heading, or as a subset of another subject, i.e., a subset of Geology or Dinosaur tracks &c.), use the search bar at the top instead.

A search for Guidebooks in the library catalog.

You will still need to filter using the left-hand options to the subjects of interest to you. The way you can do that during the search is to use the Advanced Search — there, you can set any subject limits you want, in addition to searching other fields.

Yale's special collections, held at locations ranging from the Beinecke and Manuscripts and Archives to the Peabody and other museums, contain many older field notes, guides, and other materials related to expeditions. You can search the special collections here.

Searching for keyword(s): ("field guide" OR guidebook) geology returns results that include:

These collections include famous people, including O.C. Marsh, J.D. Dana, and others. Select specific people or Yale archival locations using the filters to the left of the results.