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Course Reserves: Information for Faculty

What do I need to know about Reserves?

The Yale University Library has significantly expanded its reserves service with a new reserves management system that is fully integrated with Classes*v2 and Canvas and other learning tools in use at the university. New features are described on the "what's new" page.

  • Reserves lists should be initiated by clicking the "course reserves" tool in Classes*v2 OR Canvas
  • Whenever possible, reserves requests should be made online through the tool
  • Linked syllabi are no longer being provided to schools using Classes*v2

Please consult this guide for detailed information on how to use the new reserves tools. Please contact with any questions.

Submitting a Course List

We now have two systems through which you may submit your request for course reserves:

Click here for information about creating a course and submitting materials through Classes*v2.

Click here for information about creating a course and submitting materials through Canvas.

Get Started

To submit your course reserves, go to either:



Contact Reserves Staff

For specific Yale course reserves:

Arts Library
Phone: 203-432-2643

Bass Library
Phone: 203-432-1872

Phone: 203-432-3439

Divinity Library
Phone: 203-432-5288

Medical Library

Music Library 
Phone: 203-432-5549

Get Help

Help is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Emal Email:

Call Call: (203) 432-1775

SMS text Text: (203) 826-2053

 Tweet:  @askyale