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BENG 205: Discovery and Design in Biomedical Research: Find Scholarly Articles

An introduction to library resources for BENG 205.

Web of Science

Find articles in leading scholarly journals. In addition to searching by keyword, you can discover how many times a particular article has been cited and view the citing articles, allowing you to locate later works that follow a similar research path.

Search Web of Science

Sample search: "congenital heart defect" and device

Sample record: 3D bioprinting of vascular conduits for pediatric congenital heart repairs (Note: cited by 13 research papers)

Web of Science Help


Find articles in the comprehensive resource for biomedical and life sciences. Citations often include links to full-text content from PubMed central and publisher sites.

Search PubMed

Sample search using keywords vascular conduit congenital heart defect

Sample record: Tissue-engineered vascular grafts for use in the treatment of congenital heart disease: from the bench to the clinic and back again (Scroll down to see a listing of similar articles and citations to find other relevant content.)

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