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ENGL 416a Library Resources for English 416a: Contemporary British Fiction: Home

Research Tips

  1. Start your research GENERAL and let the library's resources guide you to keywords, phrases, and names that can make your subsequent searches more precise.
  2. If you have ONE book that looks good, look at the book record in Orbis or Quicksearch and review its LINKED SUBJECTS -- which will bring you to more related books on your topic.
  3. KEEP TRACK of phrases and subjects that have worked for you -- you will want to remember them for later searches.
  4. Imagine yourself in a CONVERSATION. Search for scholarly literature EARLY in your research process and OFTEN, and get familiar with the scholars in your field. Find points and counterpoints to help strengthen your research question.

Your Personal Librarian

All Yale College undergraduates have a Personal Librarian. Reach out to your Personal Librarian if you have questions about:

-Navigating the library

-Finding books and articles

-Formulating a research question

-Managing citations

-Using special collections

-and more!


Use the Yale University Library website as your gateway to accessing the library's resources. Here are some quick links to get you started:

Undergraduate Teaching and Outreach Librarian

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Kelly Blanchat
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