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GIS Accelerator for ARCH 1019C: Visualization and Computation: Spatial Data Sources

Excerpt from the Research Guide "Copyright Guidance: Basics." It offers information for authors and users of copyrighted works.

Poll: Which spatial datasets we should add in this guide?

Terrain models: 6 votes (24%)
Satellite imagery: 0 votes (0%)
Historic Maps: 8 votes (32%)
Vulnerable communities: 3 votes (12%)
Business data: 2 votes (8%)
Education: 0 votes (0%)
Sociodemographic: 2 votes (8%)
Parcel data: 1 votes (4%)
Crime: 2 votes (8%)
Please e-mail more themes: 1 votes (4%)
Total Votes: 25

Spatial Data Sources

This product uses the expertise of the NHC Storm Surge Unit to merge the operational SLOSH grids to build a seamless map of storm surge hazard scenarios using the MOM product. Each individual SLOSH grid for the Category 1-5 MOMs are merged into a single, seamless grid. The seamless grid is then resampled, interpolated, and processed with a DEM (Digital Elevation Model, i.e. topography) to compute the storm surge hazard above ground for each hurricane category. Read more here