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Academic Poster Resources: Poster Gallery

Below are some examples of 'good' posters

needs assessment for curriculum on early peanut introduction for at risk infants

"Needs Assessment for Curriculum on Early Peanut Introduction for At-Risk Infants: Results from Training and Practicing Pediatricians" (Leeds, 2021)


"Psychologically Manipulative Sects Implications on Childhood Development" (Needham, 2015)


the covid-19 pandemic and its effect on service for a clinical librarian team in an academic library

"The Covid-19 Pandemic and its Effect on Service for a Clinical Librarian Team in an Academic Library" (Funaro, et al., 2021)

poster achieving the educational mission by janene batten

"Achieving the Education Mission: Are Connecticut school nurses valued?" (Batten, 2022)

“Flexible foraging behaviour in wild zebra finches and its relation with temperature” (Funghi, McCowan, Schuett, & Griffith, 2017)


poster why does neuroticism feel so bad?

Cowan, H. R. (2023, July 21). Cognitive-Affective Mechanisms Linking Neuroticism and Self-Consciousness to Daily Experience in an Internalizing Spectrum Sample. Retrieved from


Kerschbaumer, S., Mueller, J. L., & Eiteljoerge, S. F. V. (2023, July 29). Queer IDS. Retrieved from

"The influence of magnetic fields, turbulence, and UV radiation on the formation of supermassive black holes" (Van Borm C and Spanjers M, 2013)