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FREN 145 Intensive Intermediate and Advanced French: Reception

A guide to resources on Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony for studying André Gide's Symphonie Pastorale, emphasizing French-language resources

Beethoven's Legacy

Beethoven's legacy was profound. He served as a model for countless composers, including Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wagner, and Mahler. Aspects of his style were codified in textbooks, and his life and works became the subject of a vast scholarly literature. He inspired painters and sculptors, and numerous societies and festivals were named in his honor.

Wagner's Book

Wagner, A Pilgrimage to Beethoven

In 1840, the young Richard Wagner wrote a short novel about a composer who visits Beethoven. You can read it online.

Beethoven Festival in New Haven

Beethoven Festival in New Haven, 18707

In 1870, New Haven honored Beethoven's 100th birthday with a four-day festival. One of the conductors was Gustave Jacob Stoeckel, the first music professor at Yale. Stoeckel Hall, now the home of the Department of Music, is named after him. This document is from the Stoeckel Papers. You can see a larger version here.

Sculpture of Beethoven

The heroic image of Beethoven appears most vividly in this sculpture by Max Klinger (1902), in the Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig.