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Getting Started withVivvix (formerly Ad$pender): Home

About Vivvix

Vivvix features advertising expenditure data across media formats and major markets. Users create custom text, pdf, and excel reports by media type (i.e. television, radio, magazines), product advertised, and company advertising.

  • Data included in Advertising Insights is limited to the United States and currently goes back 5 years.
  • The homepage dashboard Advertiser Watch includes recent trends and leading advertiser shares.

Campus-wide access to Vivvix for academic & noncommercial use by students & faculty is limited to 3 simultaneous users.

Accessing Vivvix

Access to Vivvix is provided via their web-based platform. Yale's access is limited to 3 simultaneous users. 

Note: Yale's access is provided via group user.

  • Any reports saved privately may not be available when returning to the Vivvix platform. 
  • The vendor recommends highly that Yale users save items as "Shared with All" and editable by all. Items saved this way will be editable by all users affiliated with Yale.
  • Any preferences altered or changes made to the platform may not be saved for future sessions on the platform.

Using Vivvix

For help getting started Advertising Insights, new users can use the following options:

  • Take a quick guided tour of the platform. Access the tour by selecting the Help icon in the lower right corner, clicking the tab labeled "Tutorials" and then selecting the "Getting Started Guide." 

  • Build a custom report. You can start building reports by Selecting the "Explore" tab on the platform's menu.
    • It takes a few minutes for reports to run and produce results. Check the status of the report and see the results on the homepage under the "Custom Reporting" heading. 
    • Give the report a unique title. Any report not given a title will run as "Untitled" and overwrite another user's work.
  • Review the Methodology and Data Availability sections. You can find these by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of the platform.

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