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MCDB 065: The Science and Politics of HIV/AIDS: Finding news coverage

Sources for news coverage

Contemporary news coverage is everywhere: the open web, social media, apps on your devices. However, it can be difficult to search for news from many different sources at once, free of charge - this is where the Yale Library website comes in. Just as with our scientific databases like Scopus and general databases like Articles+, the Library pays the subscription fees, allowing you to view and use this content in your academic work without charge.

One other note: news coverage does not undergo peer review before publication. Content is usually reviewed by an editor and supplemented with fact-checking, but this material must be published quickly - or it's no longer "news."

  • Factiva: News and business information, along with newswires from Reuters and Dow Jones. Factiva is an excellent source for international news.
  • Access World News: US and world news publications with many local and regional titles. Publication types include but are not limited to newswires, blogs, web-only content, videos, journals, magazines, transcripts and more. Includes current image edition of the New Haven Register.
  • Proquest News and Newspapers: A large collection of major English-language newspapers from North America and the UK. The full text of each newspaper is indexed. Proquest News and Newspapers is especially helpful for finding news coverage from the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic.

(AIDS Collection (MS 1834). Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.)