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Systematic Reviews: Planning, Writing, and Supporting: Project Management

Tools for the Team

Assessing Quality of Research

Assessment of multiple systematic reviews (AMSTAR) PMID:17302989 and PMID: 19230606

GRADE guidelines 

Jadad scale for quality RCTs - PMID: 8721797

Quality assessment instrument for diagnostic studies (QUADAS-2) PMID: 22007046

Appraising the Evidence (from CASP)

Data Extraction and Analysis Tools

DistillerSR | Web-based systematic review software (not free)


RevMan 5 (Cochrane Collaboration - free of charge for purely academic use)

Elamin MB, Flynn DN, Bassler D, et al. Choice of data extraction tools for systematic reviews depends on resources and review complexity. J Clin Epidemiol. 2009; 62(5):506-10. PMID: 19348977

Systematic Review Data Repository Effective Health Care Program, AHRQ

More Software [recommendations from the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine @ Brown]

Systematic Review Toolbox  |  a searchable online catalogue of tools to support systematic reviews