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ARTS DATABASES: Now that you've found a citation, where is the article?

Where is the article?

  •  YALE Links Tool: Look for Yale Links button when searching YUL databases.

1. When you click on the Yale Links button, a menu will open in a new browser window with options for the citation.
2. The citation will be displayed first, and then a link for full text (if available).
3. Click on the full text link, and Yale Links will get you either to the article or to the full-text database.
4. For more information about the Yale Links button, click here.

  • Search in Orbis by journal title (Not the title of the article). Note the location and call number.
  • Head to the appropriate library's stacks to find back issues. Journals do not circulate. Can't find the volume you need? Ask at the library's service desk for help.