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Company and Industry Research: Analyst Reports


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Analyst Reports

Usually geared at investors, analyst reports can provide very specialized content about company and industry performance. The format can vary according to provider, firm, and source, but they also often provide very useful overviews about the industry and any current events or ongoing issues that play a large role in a company's valuation. The depth and quality of analyst reports vary considerably. Some reports may contain projections as well, but the scope of these varies. Be sure to compare analyst reports whenever possible to provide difference of opinion and to corroborate any observations.

Thomson ONE (use Internet Explorer

  • Search for a company by name or ticker with the search bar at the top left. Wait for the autocomplete drop-down or click "Go" and then select the appropriate result.
  • From the sidebar under "Company Views," click "Research" to list the latest analyst reports about the selected company. Modify the search options at the top to alter the date range (default 90 days).
  • "Advanced Research Page" linked from the Research page allows limiting by company, region, industry code, report type, date, and more. (This page can also be found under "Screening & Analysis" > "Research" > "Research Search")

Bloomberg (terminals in Marx Library or 1470 Evans Hall)

  • Search by company ticker for the main equity page for a company (example: "AAPL US <EQUITY> <GO>") or type in a company name and choose the main equity page under "Securities" in the autocomplete drop-down menu.
  • From this main page, look under the following headings for analyst information:
    • 3) Fundamentals & Estimates
      • "Analyst Recs": Click on the "Recommendations" column for an entry to view a table or chart of the recommendation history.
      • "Analyst Rankings"
    • 4) Company News
      • "All News/Research": Limit the source to "Analyst Research" with the drop-down to view full-text reports.
    • 11) Company & Industry Research
      • "Company Research"
      • "Research Search"

S&P NetAdvantage

  • Search by company from the quick search on the main page or through the "Companies" tab at the top of the page.
  • From any company overview page, click on "Estimates & Opinions" on the left-hand side of the page for a summary of rankings and analyst opinions (figures as opposed to written analysis).

Avention (formerly known as OneSource)

  • Search by company from the quick search on the main page or through the "Companies" tab in the main toolbar.
  • From the main company summary page, look under "News and Analysis" in the left-hand column for a collection of related resources ("Analysts' Reports" specifically, but the SWOT and other analyses are just as useful).

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