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Religion in Latin America & the Caribbean: Primary Sources

This subject guide helps to identify key works that examine the subject of religion in Latin America available in the Yale University libraries. It contains books, primary sources, and databases on the subject.

Archives at Yale

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Microfilm Resources

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Foreign Missions.

Archives of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Foreign Missions, 1833-1964.

Philadelphia: Graphic Microfilm Corp, 1955, 1960, 1973.

Divinity Special Collections: Film Ms11

Arranged by country:

Brazil, 1886-1911; Reels 153-160, 220, 242-244:

Chile, 1872-1910; Reels 189-218, 232-237, 244-261:

Colombia, 1872-1910; Reels 160-162, 226-227:

Guatemala, 1882- -1911; Reels 135-148:

Latin America, 1865-1893; Reels 162-173, 227-229, 285-287:

Mexico, 1872-1911; Reel 229:

Peru, 1885-1887.

The Presbyterian Church had an interest in missions from its formation. Their focus was proclaimed at the General Assembly of 1847, to aid in the conversion of the world. They began with ministry to the Indians in the United States, and extended to countries all over the world. The papers include manuscript letters, newspaper clippings, financial reports, reports of meetings and extracts from books or pamphlets. The mission work of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Foreign Missions is well-documented for the countries of India, China, Iran, Syria, Japan, Korea, Siam, Latin America, the Philippines and Africa. Also of interest are records of the Gaboon and Corisco Mission and the West Africa Mission. Originals owned by the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All rights reserved. Archives of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Foreign Missions.

Methodist Missionary Society Archives, 1769-1948.

Yale University Divinity School Library

The archives document the work of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean region and North America. Of special interest is extensive material on Dr. Thomas Coke, assistant to Wesley. Also included is material on the Women's Work organization and the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society.


Iglesia en America Latina.

[Montreal, Que.] : IDAL ; [Toronto : Publicado en microfichas por Bell & Howell], 1977.

Divinity Library, Fiche B3323

Serie I ; dossiers 1/9.

This set is composed of 747 documents, 58 microfiches, and 5, 678 pages.

1. Iglesia en America Latina (en general)

2. Iglesia en Argentina

3. Iglesia en Brasil

4. Iglesia en Chile

5. Iglesia en Perú

6. Iglesia en Uruguay

7. Iglesia en Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay y Venezuela

8. Iglesia en Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua y Panama

9. Iglesia en Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico y Republica Dominicana.


Princeton University Latin American Microfilm Collection

This microfilm collection offers a number of publications that provide access to perspectives on and information from groups that have been marginalized for political, social or geographical reasons.


   Church materials from Argentina


   Church materials from Bolivia


   Church and religion in Brazil

   Supplement 1

   Supplement 2

   Supplement 5

   Supplement 6


   Church materials from Chile


   Church materials from Colombia


   Cuban Protestant serials

   Supplement 2

   Supplement 3

   Supplement 4

   Supplement 5

   Supplement 6


   Church materials from Ecuador

   Supplement 3

El Salvador

   Church materials from El Salvador


   Church materials from Guatemala

   Supplement 4


   Church materials from Mexico

   El mundo cristiano

   El faro

   Mexican church and state relations, 1916-1935

   Supplement 3

   Supplement 5


   Church materials from Nicaragua


   Church materials from Peru

   Supplement 3

Puerto Rico

   Church materials from Puerto Rico


   Church materials from Uruguay

   Supplement 4