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Harvey M. Applebaum Award: Past Applebaum Award Winners

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About Harvey M. Applebaum

Harvey M. Applebaum, class of 1959, is a senior counsel, specializing in international trade and antitrust law, with the Washington firm of Covington & Burling LLP and a lecturer at the University of Virginia School of Law. He is a past Chairman of the Association of Yale Alumni and the Yale Alumni Magazine board.


Past Winners of the Harvey M. Applebaum Award

2021 (first prize): Aakshi Agarwal, Pauli Murray College "Regulatory Agency Capture: How the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Approved the Mountain Valley Pipeline"

2021 (second prize): Trinidad Kechkian, Pierson College "An Equitable Transformation of the Energy System: The Role of State-Level Incentives for Distributed Energy Resources"

2021 (honorary mention): Angela Xiao, Jonathan Edwards College "Battling Over Bargain-Hunting: Defining the American consumer through mass-consumption shopping practices, 1909-1915"


2020 (first prize): William Horvath (Berkeley College, History) - "The 1950s “War on Narcotics”: Harry Anslinger, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and Senator Price Daniel’s Probe"

2020 (second prize): Stephanie N. Higginson (Morse College, History) - "Against Executive-Controlled Administrative Law Judges"


2019 (first prize): Pascale Bronder (Grace Hopper College, Environmental Studies)

"Renewable Energy Access and Resilience in Urban Developing Areas: Distributed Solar Networks and Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Puerto Rico

2019 (second prize): Seamus C. Joyce-Johnson (Silliman College, History)

"Its Cargo Is People": Repositioning Commuter Rail as Public Transit to Save the New York–New Haven Line, 1960–1990"

2018 (first prize): Santiago Botto Tornielli (Jonathan Edwards College, Economics)

"Convergence Towards an Optimal Currency Area in the European Union"

2018 (second prize): Monica Wang (Trumbull College, History)

"From Enemy to Family: German War Brides and U.S.-German Rapprochement, 1945-1950"

2017 (first prize): Max L.B. Cook (Morse College, History)
Influence and Effectiveness in the Years of Upheaval: Winston Lord and the Policy Planning Staff from 1973 to 1977

2017 (second prize, tie): Jonathan C. Esty (Davenport College, History)
Kissinger’s Strategy in the Iraqi Kurdish Rebellion of 1972-75: False Start or Foundation of American-Kurdish Partnership?

2017 (second prize, tie): Sarah D. Kim (Jonathan Edwards College, History)
Of a Healthy Constitution: Socialized Medicine Between the Triumphs of Social Security and Medicare

2016 (first prize):Colleen Flynn, Timothy Dwight College
Treading the Path of Least Resistance: FDA's Regulation of the Subtherapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture, 1970-2015

2016 (second prize, tie):Devon Geyelin, Trumbull College
The Re-Recruit: A Family History of American Media and the CIA in the First Decades of the Cold War

2016 (second prize, tie): Julie Lowenstein, Trumbull College
U.S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet-Afghan War: A Revisionist History

2015 (first prize): Anirudh Sivaram, Calhoun College.
The President’s Wartime Detention Authority: What History Teaches Us.

2015 (second prize): Anna "Nina" Russell, Timothy Dwight College.
Moving the Needle: How Transparency Could Lower Costs and Improve Quality in United States Hospitals.

2014: Nicole Hobbs, Ezra Stiles College.
The UN and the Congo Crisis of 1960.

2013: Tom Stanley-Becker, Calhoun College.
Strange Bedfellows: Business, Labor, Guest Workers, and Immigration Reform in the United States, 1986-2013.

2012 (first prize): Conor Crawford, Calhoun College.
"Missionaries of Ordered Liberty": U.S. Colonial Sponsorship of Self-Government in the Wake of the Spanish-American War, 1899-1904.

2012 (first prize): Christopher Lee, Branford College.
Cease or Persist? Gene Patents and the Clinical Diagnostics Dilemma.

2011: Alison Weiner, Davenport College.
Yielding to Reality: Examining the Rise of a Strong "Chief of Staff" in the Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton Administrations.

2011 (second prize): George Bogden, Silliman College.
Refugees, Statecraft, and Legitimacy: Forced Migration and Foreign Policy in the 1991 Kurdish Refugee Crisis.

2010: Habib Moody, Ezra Stiles College.
Estimating the Returns to Expenditures in Canadian Elections: Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity Design.

2010 (second prize): Avi Kupfer, Pierson College.
“The Dictates of Sound Policy”: Contending with the Western Indians under the New American Constitution.

2009: Lauren Harrison, Ezra Stiles College.
Of Rice and Riots: The Effect of Food Price Increases on Political Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2008: Stephen Fowler, Ezra Stiles College.
Crisis and Compromise: Carter Glass, Henry Steagall, and the Story of the Banking Act of 1933.