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WGSS 115: Gender and Sexuality in a Transnational World: Research databases

Gender and sexuality in a transnational world through the lens of contemporary sexual identity politics. Examination of historical, cultural and political aspects of sexual rights claims in the context of globalization.

Research Databases

Alternative Press Index Archive

One place to find journal articles is to search in one of the library's many databases. Some of the databases provide you with a link to the full-text of the article. To locate others that are not full text, try one of these options:

In the database click on the Yale Links icon (show below)

This will take you to another window which identifies other databases that have full-text of your article. However your article may only be available in print so always check Orbis. If Yale doesn't have access to it, you can always request it through InterLibrary Loan.

Here are just a few that are specific to LGBTQ research: