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Data & eScience Group: Article Discussion

A discussion group at Yale for issues relating to data, science, and research support across disciplines.


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We have a Mendeley group used to share interesting and relevant citations among our community of practice. You can visit the page for the group here: Data & eScience Group at Yale. If you have a Mendeley account, feel free to follow the group!

How to Use this Page

  • DaEG discusses articles every other time we meet, rotating with presentations.
  • The Mendeley group contains potential articles for discussion. You can submit article suggestions to Kayleigh Bohémier.
  • Articles previously discussed provide an idea of the topics of interest to DaEG members.

Contact Info

The current (unofficial) organizer of DaEG is Kayleigh Bohémier (email). She can answer questions about the group.

Join the mailing list here to be informed of upcoming readings and meetings:

For information about research data management, please contact Data Librarian Barbara Esty (email). The Research Data Support Services group (RDSS) is also available for consultation on the form on their web site: