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Digital Preservation at Yale University Library: Resources

a guide to Digital Preservation resources at Yale University Library and beyond

Related Links within Yale University Library

Check out these Guides for Related Library services within Yale University Library.

The Born Digital @ Yale Guide, created and maintained by the Yale Born Digital Archives Working Group, contains news and resources pertaining to born-digital archival collections in Yale’s libraries and museums.

Within the Born Digital @ Yale guide, pages pertaining to the Digital Accessioning Support Service provide information about the capture of born-digital archival content from special collections across Yale libraries and museums.

The Digital Accessioning Support Service began in the spring of 2016, and works on transferring content from physical media to stable long-term storage, such as within the digital preservation system.  

The di Bonaventura Family Digital Archaeology and Preservation Lab supports the technological needs of digital material from general and special collections across Yale University Libraries and Museums.

Lab equipment includes machines for accessioning digital content, and vintage machines to support work pertaining to a range of approaches to accessing outdated digital content: including migration, emulation, and last-resort retrieval.

Digital Preservation Resources and Organizations

The list of links below offers a very small sampling from the enormous range of resources offering guidance and information within Digital Preservation topics. For specific questions or further recommendations, please contact the Digital Preservation Services unit at


Preservability Card Game

As you might imagine, the range of printed materials held by the Digital Preservation Unit is not very impressive in comparison with some of the Library's other repositories! But we are very pleased that we have a copy of this limited-edition card game created by the Digital Preservation Coalition.