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Yale University Library eBooks: HathiTrust: Emergency Temporary Access


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General Information

The Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) via HathiTrust is now live for Yale University faculty, students, and staff. This service provides the Yale community with access to both public domain digitized books in HathiTrust as well as in-copyright and copyright-undetermined volumes that match Yale's print holdings.

(Emergency access is permitted because library buildings are closed, making the physical books inaccessible to patrons. However, Yale ID holders may use the Scan and Deliver service to request scans of articles and chapters from HathiTrust titles.)

Yale has access to as many simultaneous user copies as we have print copies in our physical collections; if Yale has one copy of a title on our shelf, we have single user access to the digital copy; if we have two copies, we have two concurrent user access to the digital copy, etc. This service will be available to Yale users for as long as the current emergency situation continues. Records representing the HathiTrust digitized materials will be added to the catalog soon and once available there, will display as "temporary access". 


How does it work?

  • After arriving at the HathiTrust site online, you MUST log in using the large orange "LOG IN" button at the top right of the site. 
  • Choose "Yale University" in the partner institution box and click CONTINUE. 
  • Enter your Yale netID and password when prompted.
  • When you locate an eligible book, you will see an orange banner that says "Access to this work is provided through the Emergency Temporary Access Service" and a "Check Out" button. 
  • Click the "Check Out" button.

  • Your check-out period will display in the orange banner across the top of the screen (a 1-hour period that will extend with use).

  • You receive read-only access to the book online in your web browser; you cannot download the work in full but may download a single page.
  • Please use the "Return Early" button if you are done using the title to make it available for other users.


Resources for Help

HathiTrust Help - Using the Digital Library:

ETAS Information for Libraries:

ETAS Information for Users:

Support for this service is available via the HathiTrust User Support Team at or by clicking the "Feedback" link at the top of any HathiTrust page.

Ask Yale Library FAQs will be available soon.

Please send any questions to Ask Yale Library.