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Yale Library Emulation Viewer: Available CD-ROMs

A guide to accessing emulated materials in the General Collections

To access the Yale Library Emulation Viewer click the link to the right. To view the CD's catalog record, click the title to the left.
Emulation Viewer
ADA technical assistance CD-ROM. View Here
Albert Einstein Century International Conference : Paris (France), 18-22 July 2005 / View Here
Almanak anggota parlemen RI, 2004-2009. View Here
Analysis and planning for integrated coastal management View Here
Anthropos index 1906-2005 View Here
Antonio Bermudez Canete : periodista, economista y politico / View Here
Apu de las nieves : Qoyllur Rit'i y Corpus Christi = The Snowy apu : Qoyllur Rit'i and Corpus Christi / View Here
Arrieta berbarik berba / View Here
Atlas cartografico digital del reino de Chile siglos XVII-XIX : del Instituto Geografico Militar de Chile. View Here
Basic neurochemistry : molecular, cellular, and medical aspects / View Here
Bauforschung, eine kritische Revision : historische Bauforschung zwischen Marketing und offentlichem Abseits / View Here
Beyond the numbers : reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer. View Here

Biofuels to replace oil Biokraftstoffe statt Erdol = Los biocombustibles para sustituir al petroleo = Des biocarburants pour remplacer le petrol

View Here
Biuletyn odzki / View Here
Bodega de Jaime Senz View Here
Buone pratiche e servizi innovativi per la famiglia / View Here
Census 2000 island areas summary file View Here
Demystifying chipmaking / View Here
Des de la frontera : castells medievals de la Marca View Here
Desktop guide to complementary and alternative medicine : an evidence-based approach / View Here

Developments in theoretical geomechanics : proceedings of the Booker Memorial Symposium, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia, 16-17 November 2000 /

View Here

Diario de sesiones del Congreso de los Diputados legislatura de 1834-1835, 20 de julio de 1834 a 29 de mayo de 1835.

View Here
Diario de sesiones del Congreso de los Diputados legislatura de 1835-1836. View Here
Dossier estadistico, 2000-2004. View Here
Drzavna tajna / View Here
ECLS-K fifth grade public-use data files and electronic codebook. View Here
ECON02Z report series 2002 : economic census. View Here
Economic analysis tools for the minerals industry View Here
Erste Weltkrieg in deutschen Bildpostkarten View Here
Ethnike Trapeza tes Hellados 1940-2000 /? View Here
Euro papers View Here
Evidence-based asthma management / View Here
Evoluzione delle tecniche edilizie per la salvaguardia del patrimonio insediativo minore storicamente consolidato / View Here
Fachworterbuch elektronische Medien und Dienste = Dictionary of electronic media and services / View Here
Film director prepares : a practical guide to directing for film & TV / View Here
Film und Propaganda im Ersten Weltkrieg : Propaganda als Medienrealitat im Aktualitaten- und Dokumentarfilm / View Here
Freshwater algal flora of the British Isles :b an identification guide to freshwater and terrestrial algae / View Here
Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology / View Here
General Land Office Automated Records Project. pre-1908 homestead & cash entry patents. View Here
General Land Office Automated Records Project. pre-1908 homestead & cash entry patents. View Here
General Land Office Automated Records Project. pre-1908 homestead & cash entry patents. View Here
Hacer la historia, un desafio / View Here
Handbook of complex percutaneous carotid intervention / View Here

Hans Bender (1907-1991) und das "Institut fur Psychologie und Klinische Psychologie" an der Reichsuniversitat Strassburg 1941-1944 /

View Here
Hawara : eine gyptische Siedlung in hellenistischer Zeit / View Here
Historia del Ecuador / View Here
Historische Steinbruche im Wurzburger Stadtgebiet im Wandel der Zeit / View Here
Humic substances and chemical contaminants : proceedings of a workshop and symposium cosponsored by the International Humic Substances Society, Divisions S-2, S-1, S-3, S-4, and S-11 of the Soil Science Society of America, and Division A-5 of the American Society of Agronomy, Anaheim, California, 26-27 October 1997 / View Here

To access the Yale Library Emulation Viewer click the link to the right. To view the CD's catalog record, click the title to the left.
Emulation Viewer
Iconografia pauckense View Here
Improving corporate boards : the boardroom insider guidebook / View Here
International code of signals for visual, sound, and radio communications United States edition. View Here
Itinerario per la vita cristiana. View Here
Labirinti del presente : guerra, poverta, rischio, instabilita internazionale / View Here
Language development from theory to practice / View Here
Liberty and prosperity / View Here
Manual of Regulations and Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management, May 2003 Edition View Here
Manuscript of The Holy Qur'an from 1278 A.H. / View Here
Maternity, newborn, and women's health nursing : comprehensive care across the lifespan / View Here
Medical management of type 1 diabetes. View Here
Medientransformationsprozesse, gesellschaftlicher Wandel und Demokratisierung in Sudosteuropa : Dokumentation der Jahrestagung des Center for Advanc View Here
Memoria de las elecciones, Asamblea Constituyente y referndum sobre autonomas 2006. View Here
Methane emissions from abandoned coal mines in the United States emissions inventory methodology and 1990-2002 emissions estimates. View Here
Mexico ante el mundo : tiempo de definiciones / View Here
Modern roses XI : the world encyclopedia of roses : the most comprehensive listing of roses in the world, over 24,000 roses described, includeds a com View Here
MOOC (Master of the Orphan Chamber) Cape of Good Hope inventories and auction rolls : documents regarding convicts and exiles. View Here
Muse inquiete : sinergie artistiche nel Novecento tedesco : atti del Convegno internazionale, Catania, 4-6 dicembre 2001 ... / View Here
National Exposure Registry, TCE subregistry View Here
Normativite / View Here
Nursing research : methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice / View Here
Oceanographic processes of coral reefs : physical and biological links in the Great Barrier Reef / View Here
Officina del pensiero : insegnare e apprendere la filosofia : manuale-laboratorio didattico per le scuole superiori e per le scuole di specializzazion View Here
Oval track and other permutation problems : and just enough group theory to solve them / View Here
Pachamama : teacher's guide. View Here
Paesaggio culturale e biodiversita : principi generali, metodi, proposte operative / View Here
Plantas medicinales de Tinguipaya / View Here
Population projections for Canada, provinces and territories, 2000-2026 / Projections demographiques pour le Canada, les provinces et les territoire View Here
Prehistoric mining and metallurgy in south west Iberian Peninsula / View Here
Primate brain maps : structure of the macaque brain / View Here
Prince en son hotel : les serviteurs des ducs d'Orleans au XVe siecle / View Here
Printed circuits handbook / View Here
Program tasks and bibliography for FY 1999 View Here
Public(s) de la culturec : politiques publiques et equipements culturels / View Here

To access the Yale Library Emulation Viewer click the link to the right. To view the CD's catalog record, click the title to the left.
Emulation Viewer
Revised land and resource management for the Cherokee National Forest. View Here
Robert Bresson : une teleologie du silence / View Here
Sankt Petersburg : der akkurate Deutsche : Deutsche und Deutsches in der anderen russischen Hauptstadt / View Here
Sexto informe de gobierno / View Here
Shifugo no yume : Edogawa Ranpo Kosakai Fuboku ofuku shokanshu / View Here
Siedlungen der Pfyner Kultur im Osten der Pfahlbaubucht von Sipplingen, Bodenseekreis. View Here
Sistema idrico dell'Italia meridionale : regioni a confronto. View Here
Snagovi jegyzetek : gondolatok, emlekezesek, 1956-1957 / View Here
Solar cookers and food processing international conference 12-16th July 2006 : Granada (Spain). View Here
Soproni nemetek kitelepitese, 1946 / View Here
Source book for Irish English / View Here
Southern California Bight natural resource damage assessment : expert reports. View Here
Springer handbook of engineering statistics / View Here
Sustainable development Lesotho Highlands Water Project. View Here
Thinking in C++ / View Here
Thirstin's drinking water games & activities K-12 / View Here
Thunau am Kamp : eine befestigte Hohensiedlung (Grabung 1965-1990) : die keramischen Funde der fruhmittelalterlichen Befestigung / View Here
Twenty-first Space Simulation Conference "the future of space simulation testing in the 21st century." View Here
Venezuela : seguridad social en las puertas de un cambio institucional / View Here
Verkehrswege der Argolis : Rekonstruktion und historische Bedeutung / View Here
Virus patogenos / View Here
Vocabulario de refranes y frases proverbiales View Here
Water resources data-Wisconsin water year 2004 (includes historical data) / View Here
Workplace violence issues in response / View Here
Written questions tabled during the fourth parliamentary term, together with answers View Here
XV Congreso de Historia Regional (15th : 1999 : Mazatlán, Mexico) View Here
Zydzi polscy w KL Auschwitz : wykazy imienne / View Here