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EZProxy: What is EZProxy?

What is EZProxy?

OCLC EZProxy diagram

Yale's proxy server is called EZProxy and is hosted by OCLC.

How does EZProxy work?

  • A YUL user is off-campus on their computer.
  • The user goes to the library's proxied Databases A-Z List and discovers an e-resource they would like to access.
  • They click on the e-resource link which has a special proxy prefix appended to the front of the URL.
  • They will be asked to authenticate using their netID and password, via CAS and Shibboleth.
  • They may be asked to sign in to Multifactor Authentication (DUO) if they haven't already.
  • EZProxy passes along Yale’s registered IP address to the publisher and publisher checks against registered addresses.
  • Publisher site confirms IP is Yale’s proxy server.
  • The e-resource content is sent back to the user.