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Plato's Protagoras: Home

This guide is a collection of online resources available at Yale University for the study of Plato's Protogoras.

Plato at the Gallery

Plato's Protagoras Podcast


Bodleian Library MS. E. D. Clarke 39

The Opening of the Protagoras from the "Clarke Plato" fol. 336r

Ancient Philosophy Links

Cambridge Histories

Greek and Roman Political Thought (Christopher Rowe & Malcolm Schofield, eds., 2000)
Hellenistic Philosophy (Keimpre Algra, ed al., eds. 2008)
Philosophy in Late Antiquity (Lloyd Gerson, ed., 2000) Vol.1, Vol.2
Later Greek and Early Medieval Philosophy (A. H. Armstrong, ed. 1967)
Ancient Science (Alexander Jones & Liba Taub eds. 2018)

See also

The history of western philosophy of religion. Vol.1: Ancient philosophy of religion (ed. Graham Oppy & N. N. Trakakis, 2009).